12 June 2009

Pictures pt. deux

Joselyn's graduation/birthday cake
Joselyn's graduation. Manda also got her GED (finally :P)

My siblings: Daniel, Manda, and Marissa
Daniel and my Dad


Gabbi Leksi and Jayci. Aren't sister sweet?

My dad, niece Bria, and stepmommy Kareen with the kids in UtahIan and his grandmother, Jude.
Chase and Daddy
Here are a couple pics of my seester Camille and her hubs Mike. I love these two.

I had the opportunity to take pictures of my cousin Joselyn for graduation. She's so gorgeous, so I really enjoyed shooting her.

If you made it this far and looked at all of the pics, I applaud you! :P


I love love love taking pictures of kids. They are the best (and worst) subjects. I'm very very lucky that I'm part of a family that has really beautiful children.

Roxy and Daddy

Chase and his cousin Graci

Chase and Tia Manda

Chase and his cousin Leksi

Look at those pretty pretty eyes.
Pick me up!

Chase loooooves to brush his teeth!

When Roxy was born she was 'tongue-tied', yeah I don't think she is anymore. Sticking her tongue out like Gene Simmons is her new favorite hobby.

She passed out.

11 June 2009


I so so so cannot believe that I haven't updated this bad boy in more than 3 months! I am the epitome of a slacker. This post, I guess, is mostly to catch up. Then next post(s) will be chock full o' pictures.

In mid-April our family got news that my great-grandfather (my kids' great-great grandfather) had terminal cancer and the doctors said that he'd pass in about a month. My mom and her siblings immediately took a trip up to Utah to visit their grandfather. They had a really nice visit, but the night before they made the trip back here to Arizona my grandfather slipped into a coma shortly after speaking to the one grandchild he had yet to. So, we made the trip up to Utah for the funeral. It was so odd to be at my grandmothers house and not hear my gramps hollering at one of the kids to stop running and to see his chair empty was sad. There was a viewing, the first I'd ever been to, and it was horrible. You go in thinking that you'll be able to control your emotions, that you'll be okay. But when you turn that corner and see that casket all bets are off. You crumple into a big heap of tears, snot and heartbreak. The next morning was the funeral. It was held at the same Catholic church that my great-grandparents had been going to for 50+ years. It's a bit surreal to walk into that church and have all eyes, seemingly, on you. When I think of the phrase "walking down the aisle" this isn't what comes to mind. The funeral mass was lovely and my grandfather would have liked it. After mass we went to the mortuary for the burial service. I've been to one of these. I've heard the weeping of a family as they say their last goodbyes to their loved one. My grandfather was a WWII vet. He served proudly in the Navy and he was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1o941, where the ship he was on was sunk and he was lost at sea for 3 days. So, he had military honors given to him. The "21 gun salute" felt like a gaping hole was where my heart was supposed to be. The part that I will never ever forget is my cousin, who graduated from the Naval Academy, in his dress whites, handing my grandmother the American flag.

Since then, I really haven't been motivated to do much. Hence, no blog updates. But, life doesn't cease to exist just because you don't blog it, and kids make that much more apparent.

Chase is almost 2 1/2 and he is getting so big! He knows most colors, he can count to 14 backwards and forwards, he knows shapes and he is talking more and more each day.

Roxy is such a happy girl, except when you ignore her. She is due for her 6 month checkup, so I'm anxious to see where she is stats-wise and developmentally. She's getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth, but when she tries to move forward she end up faceplanting!

Ian is working as hard as ever. I don't think that I tell him how much I appreciate how hard he works to support our family.

Next post will have pics!

03 March 2009


28 February 2009


I got a 50mm f/1.8 lens or the "nifty fifty" on Friday! It was a steal, and I must say that it's an awesome little lens for the price! So, here are a few pictures that I took to play: