21 May 2008

I'm it?

lol Kelsie tagged me, so here goes.

Randomness about me:

1. I read really quickly. I always finish books in under 4 days. It's weird, and Ian doesn't get it, but I love to read.

2. I secretly want 4 kids. Ian only wants 2, so I have to compromise on that one. It would be great to have a house full of kids, but I would want it if Ian agreed to it.

3. I'm eventually going to be a surrogate for someone. I think that being a surrogate and carrying a child for someone who would otherwise not be able to have a biological child is a gift, and I want to give the gift to someone. After all, I'm really good at carrying babies. lol

4. I want to be an OBGYN. It would be awesome to be able to help women have babies, and if I can't be an OB, then I would be a midwife.

6. I worry about everything. When family or friends go on trips, I worry if they'll be okay on their journey there and if once there, they'll be safe. Also, just in general. That's why I despise driving. I get so uptight the whole time.

7. I used to be a major tomboy. I would go out and play baseball with all the boys in my neighborhood. And football. It was fun and I miss those carefree days.

8. I'm super claustrophobic. I went to have a root canal and the dentist put a partition over my mouth and after 5 minutes I started having a panic attack. It was embarrassing because I started crying.

16 May 2008

You'd think since I'm always home....

that I would update more often, but Chase takes up most of my days. He's getting so big! He talks a lot, but I can only understand half of what he says. The other half is baby gibberish.
I had an OB appt. on Tuesday (05/13). I got to hear the peanuts heartbeat (168)! It was pretty awesome. Next week I get an ultrasound, I'll only be 12 weeks so I don't think that we'll be able to see any gender-related parts yet. Looks like I'll be having a c-section between November 21-28. Hopefully sooner than later. Chase was a week early and he still weighed 9lbs 3oz! Anyways, that's my update for now!

05 May 2008

Boy, I didn't know I was missing so much.....

So, I just started reading Twilight and I love it already. It's absolutely beautiful. I can't


believe that I didn't start reading it sooner. OMG, it's wonderful. Okay, done raving now. :)