23 September 2007

Chase Robert

I was looking at him while he was sleeping and I couldn't believe how big he is! His feet are huge, he has big hands, and he's really tall. I'm so lucky that I've been blessed with this child. I'm excited to see what he's like as a little boy. I know that he's going to be one of the smartest kids in his class, but he has this light in his eyes that people lose as they grow older. I don't want him to ever lose that light, and I'm going to try my hardest to make sure that it never happens. When you have a child, you realize how precious every moment is. I want to be here for him and I want give him everything that I possibly can and more. My goal is to give him a life that is better than what I had. Don't get me wrong, I've had a good life filled with family that loves me. He's just going to have it better. I already know that he's going to be one of the smartest kids out there, and I know that he's meant to do something great. I'm going to make sure that he gets there. Ok, enough mushy stuff! Here are some pics of my little guy:

21 September 2007


I just found out about this show!
It's radtacularly awesome. It's Canadian, and Lord know I ♥ Canada! I'm moving there one day. I just thought that I would let all of you in Blogland know about Degrassi. It's lovely. ENJOY!

13 September 2007


Chase is **officially** pulling himself up to his feet now. I can't believe it. He's growing up too fast, and it makes me sad. :( Ok, here are some pics for proof.

If I didn't have bad luck......

I wouldn't have any luck at all! Man, it seems that I've pissed off God, Karma, Allah, or whatever/whoever it is that runs this universe of ours. As some of you know, I am currently employed with Whole Foods. The store was slated to open on Sept. 26th, then they said "at the worst Sept. 29th." BS. Yesterday they (when I say "they", I mean the Store Leadership) told us that contruction will not be done until Oct. 17th! Which in turn means that I won't have training again until Oct. 1st, which means that I am once again BROKE. Honestly, I must have been really evil in a past life. I can't catch a break. I'm sick of it. I'm mad. I don't understand. Am I not a good person? I take care of my husband and my son. Whoever said "money can't buy happiness" was sorely mistaken. Don't be mistaken, I'm aware that construction takes time, but it still sucks. I don't think that we (my little family) can make it on one income. There is a silver lining, however. I get to stay home with my little guy for 18 days. YAY!

10 September 2007


Two words concerning Britney Spears' performance at the MTV VMA's on Sunday night: OYE VEY!!!!! If you watched a second of it, you know what I mean.....

09 September 2007

It's Been Awhile.....

It's been awhile since the last time that I posted. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been in training for my RAD-TACULAR job Whole Foods! I'm so unbelievably excited for this store to open!
On another note, Mr. Chase is now **officially** climbing the stairs! He just about gives me a heart attack, so I try not to let him crawl around too much just because I don't want him to hurt himself.
Of course, I cannot post without adding some photos of my little guy, so here they are. I hope all of you in blogland enjoy them.....