27 August 2010

Waiting for Daddy

Usually when Roxy wakes up from nap, she's happy as a clam.
All smiles.
And then she asks for Daddy

So we play
And read

Then we play more. So engrossed in our fun, time passes quickly.

Before we know it, Daddy comes home.

And off into the sunset we go.

Summer Days Pt. 1

Personally, I loathe Arizona summers.
They're hot. So hot that they become boring and cabin fever usually ensues.

Luckily, we have a kiddie pool for Chase and Roxy to splash around in.

The upside is that fun is sure to be had and smiles are sure to be abundant.

The downside is the heat gets to you quickly some days.

Sunglasses are needed for style and safety.

When it's time to get out, the crying begins.

Soon, though, comes the realization that there's no harm in being inside.

And there are more smiles

And more smiles.

26 August 2010

I'm Such a Slacker

I'm a horrible blogger.

Really, I'm bad.

I'm going to update this badboy, though.