01 October 2007

Our Little Friend

This evening, while Ian was cleaning out his car, he found a praying mantis! I had never seen one before, and I wanted to see how close my camera could take a picture while still maintaining good quality. This is the finished product:


KeLs-a-BeLs said...

lol, pretty awesome picture!!! I MISS YOU TOO!!! Very funny thing, i dreamed about you and your cute lil family last night...lol. I dont know what it was, but it was weird....haha. I was driving wih becky and some old lady, and i saw you walkin down the street. I stopped and talked ot you and we went to your house ot hurry and catch up in like 5 minutes so bec and the old person wouldn't have to wait soo long, and every 5 minutes i was worried because, com on, WE CANNOT catch up in 5 mintues... it took like 2 hours. and you had me look at your scrapbook and watch ian play games,a nd hold chase, and then you made me some really yummy homemade raspberry lemonade...and sam saomehow showed up there too and was playing vid games with ian. and then i finally really had to get going so i gave you a HUGE hug and said...i miss you and then gave sam a long kiss and hug, and said bye then ran and jumped in the car...then i woke up. Now that i think of it though, i think sam lived with you and ian..although in my dream we were married...haha...weird. my dreams are odd....but obviously...its telling me that we really do need to catch up. its been way toooo long girl!!!! i miss ya tons.... and hope to see ya soon!!!

BeckYGuRR said...

any time my hubby sees a cool bug or animal or whatevr, he runs and gets his camera too! i think he probably has like 3000 nature/animal/bug pics on the comp! he loves photog! those pics of the praying mantis do look awesome though!!

Laura Blue said...

LOVE IT! but those things are creepy!