19 December 2007


Chase Robert,
You are the one piece of the puzzle
That I've always been missing.
You are my baby
and you always will be!
Sorry I got all mushy there for a minute.
I love this picture of Chase. It's the perfect image of him.
It's how I will remember him when I'm looking back and thinking of my baby.
He's my heart. And if you've got a problem with him, then you've got one with me! :)


Laura Blue said...

You said Uber! lol Well guess what? That kido of yours is UBRE CUTE! I absolutely LOVE seeing pics of that little guy! Once of these days I'm going to get to see him again and get to lay a huge wet kiss on his big'ol cheeks! Hope you are all doing good. Merry Christmas!

the left arm said...

Thank you Llama....I hope the 3 of you are having an awesome holiday as well!!!! love ya, Kelsie and Sam!!!