11 April 2008

I'm a slacker

I really am. It's been awhile since I've been on, but just wanted to say hi to everyone! ::::waves::::

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KeLSie ORdonEz said...

Hey Llama, we are really good. Cannot wait to get a place of our own though!lol. Did your mom move?? Well, I heard you are pregnant?? Is that true? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Sam and I are still trying, but not much luck!! How is work coming along?? Well, one of these weekends we are planning on getting together with like 4 couples or more and going to Jesterz....so I will let you know what day we decide to do that and see if you can come. Well, our cell number is 241-0975.... I don't have yours, so can I get it?? We need to get together!! How is married life coming along?? You must be super busy! You NEVER blog anymore!!! lol. Well, it was good to hear from you...let me know what you guys have been up to!!