21 May 2008

I'm it?

lol Kelsie tagged me, so here goes.

Randomness about me:

1. I read really quickly. I always finish books in under 4 days. It's weird, and Ian doesn't get it, but I love to read.

2. I secretly want 4 kids. Ian only wants 2, so I have to compromise on that one. It would be great to have a house full of kids, but I would want it if Ian agreed to it.

3. I'm eventually going to be a surrogate for someone. I think that being a surrogate and carrying a child for someone who would otherwise not be able to have a biological child is a gift, and I want to give the gift to someone. After all, I'm really good at carrying babies. lol

4. I want to be an OBGYN. It would be awesome to be able to help women have babies, and if I can't be an OB, then I would be a midwife.

6. I worry about everything. When family or friends go on trips, I worry if they'll be okay on their journey there and if once there, they'll be safe. Also, just in general. That's why I despise driving. I get so uptight the whole time.

7. I used to be a major tomboy. I would go out and play baseball with all the boys in my neighborhood. And football. It was fun and I miss those carefree days.

8. I'm super claustrophobic. I went to have a root canal and the dentist put a partition over my mouth and after 5 minutes I started having a panic attack. It was embarrassing because I started crying.


Megan said...

Hey! Hope you're feeling better!

That's awesome that you want to be a surrogate. I think that would be so hard for me though, because I probably would be so attached to the baby by the end of the 9 months.

I'm doing great! I'm glad its summer although I'm not looking forward to the heat. Married life for us is great, we love it!

Laura Blue said...

that's cool that you want to be a midwife/obgyn and a seregate mother. i liked reading this and finding out more about you. good luck with getting 4 kids like you want lol

The Goulding's said...

You are going to be MY surrogate!!!!! And yes.. lunch soon missy!