04 August 2008


I can't believe that it's August already! Time sure does fly by fast!
I'm currently 22 wks, 5 days along with Roxy. <------yep, that's baby girl Dunmire's name!
Since I have such a short torso, baby is already invading my ribs. So, I can't breathe when I sit too far upright. lol.
Chase had his 18 month check-up. He's been a monster lately so I thought that maybe he was cutting his last molar or that he had an ear infection.
Turns out it's neither. The PA said "it's the terrible 2's."
"They haven't come out with a medication for that yet?" I asked. :)
Chase weighs 28lbs and is 33 in tall. He's a big boy.


Nataley Vickery said...

Oh man your boy is getting big! He is wicked cute. I love the pictures. As for the terrible 2's....I will not be looking forward to that! I love the name Roxy...good luck with little girl pushing on those ribs.

KeLSie ORdonEz said...

The name Roxy....SO Adorable! Are you excited to be having one of each? Or did you want two boys in a row? Sorry, I really have been meaning to comment, but busy!!! BUT I am on the part where Renesmee is about to imprint on Jacob...(I don't know if that is what happens, but that's what sounds like is going ot happen because Jacob is protective of her, and testing Bella before she sees her daughter!!)