12 November 2008

37 weeks.

Time has flown, as has November. I had my 37 week OB appt this morning, and it was fast and boring. I gave my urine sample as usual (no protein like last time, whew!) then I was promptly weighed. I've lost weight (which is the norm for me) and the doc said that she was proud (yeah, me too, Doc!). Then we proceeded to the exam room where the medical assistant took my blood pressure (and didn't tell me what it was, which irks me) and listen to Roxy's heart. This took a few minutes. You see, Roxy doesn't like to be poked and prodded, so she moves away. She finally laid still for a moment and her heart rate was 139. Then the medical assistant told me that the doc would be in momentarily. While waiting, I browsed a Pottery Barn catalogue, which I only dream to be able to purchase from (PB is tres expensive!). The doc came in, asked me how I was feeling, and I told her that I had been having a lot of contractions. She said that if I feel as if I'm going into labor to just go to the hospital and they'll check me. If I'm dilated at all, they'll just do the c-section. So, I guess Roxy could be here any day now, but at the most 12 days.

**as you can ascertain from this blog entry, my OB appointments are now very boring. The upside is that I only have one left!**

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