20 November 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I cannot believe Monday is 4 days away! Then, I'll finally have my body back to myself! Oh yeah, and a new little baby in my arms. Right now, I'm washing baby clothes so I can decide what to dress Roxy in for the trip home. Then, I have to pack a bag for Chase. He's going to be away from me for 5 nights! I'm going to miss him so so so so much! I'll probably cry. At least he'll be getting spoiled with my parents. Then I need to decide what I need to pack. I despise packing.
I'm so so so excited that Twilight comes out at midnight! I've got my ticket and I'll be in line at 1030pm! Hope to see some of you there!

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Laura Blue said...

well i heard that roxy arrived but have yet to see any photos. i hope you are both doing well. can't wait to see some pics. congrats!