10 September 2010

Chase was Frustrated

I don't get it.
How do photographers get toddlers and preschoolers to stay still long enough to take a picture? I try to get both Roxy and Chase looking at the camera at the same time,
but this is the best that I got:
Maybe I need a new technique.
Some sort of game that I can play with them to get them to look at the camera for 30 seconds.
I do realize that 30 seconds can be a lot to ask of such young kids, but one can hope, no?
I guess that it doesn't help that my 50mm lens doesn't auto focus with my camera.
Focusing takes up some time.
Over the holiday weekend I talked Ian into taking me to a Val Vista Lakes to take some pictures in front of the beautiful waterfall at the clubhouse.
I was also informed that there was a tunnel that ran underneath the street.
It was pretty awesome.
I think I got some neat shots, but, of course, they could be better.
The kids didn't want to cooperate, but that's not out of the norm for them.
Chase later told me that he was "frustrated" and that he would "be happy next time" I take pictures.
What a kid. I swear, that child can be the most hyper thing, but he melts my heart.

Roxy was grumpy.
I think she was miffed at me because I wouldn't let her run around.

Chase was mad at me, or frustrated, I guess when I made him sit on a rock all by his lonesome.
I think he got nervous being close to the water, which is understandable.

If looks could kill:

The next minute though, there's that smile.

Roxy wouldn't sit without Ian, but I got a nice shot out of it.
Once again, she wouldn't look at the camera.

Once we got into the tunnel, Chase wanted to do nothing more than run up and down.
He did stop for a hot second, thankfully.

I got a great silhouette shot of Roxy and then one of Ian and the kids.

They're my favorites, I think.

In the end, it was way too hot to get a good amount of shots, but I got a few.
I can't wait until (Arizona) Autumn.


Anonymous said...

I swear I have the same problem.

I swear it has to do with the fact that it is you. If it were someone NEW, I bet they would get lots of cute faces...at the same time

Natalie said...

you still got some great shots! When we have our epic playdate I will try my trick out on your kids and if it works you can have it too :)

The Hunt Family said...

Love the pics, all over them. That face on Chase...he has mastered the mad dog stare.

I love Roxy's pony tail in her silhouette.

I couldn't love your little family more.