22 July 2007

He's growing too fast!

Just 15 minutes ago, this is how I found Chase in his swing:

I think that he's too heavy for his swing, so now we have to either sell it to a consignment shop, or store it away.

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KeLs-a-BeLs said...

I just went to the "customize" thing at the top and then found the thing to add a page element...and clicked on the templates...and then previewed each and every one, until i found one i liked... I didn't know this... but each template has the dots you click on to choose which one to preview, some have one choice, but most have 2 or 3 variations of the one template...i can't explain it...sorry. i am bad at explaining what to do. But anyways... Your Chase is getting so big. It looks like he is trying to crawl out of the swing. we need to do something sometime...life..ahh!!! soo busy!!!