05 July 2007

Long time no write

I haven't written in awhile. Well, a couple of days at least. Lately I have just been trying to figure out when I can go back to work. I've been gone since June 8th. Almost a month!!!! All for an appendix. Ugh. So, I go back on Sunday. Joy. Not really. I wish that we could afford for me to stay home with Chase. I've really enjoyed being with him everyday. I feel like I miss a lot when I'm not there. At least I won't be gone for 12 hours anymore, just 8.


KeLs-a-BeLs said...

So, back to work on Sunday?? Good Luck. I had a four day weekend pretty much this last week and had a hard time getting used to work again and waking up and having to get ready...lol. and will have six days off this next week starting Thursday...(woohoo)I wish I didn't have to work, and I don't even have a kid to raise. Although, we are trying. i want a baby so bad...lol. Well, I hope soon we can hang out though...ooh...we are out at the parents again, so if Sam hasn't already made plans, I will see if he wants to do anything. I don't know what, but something with just the 5 of us...and if not today, then tomorrow... I miss ya Llama!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to hang out. I know Sam misses you too, lol, because not last week but the time before that when you said we should get together, he was asking when we were going to, and I kept saying we couldn't because of work and everything. So we will just have to wait and see.

Laura Blue said...

well enjoy the time that you do have with him. i know what you mean about wanting to be a stay at home mom. what a joy it would be to be there everyday. chase is getting so big. i love it! take it all in while you can.