16 July 2007

The Woes of Teething

So Chase cut a tooth around the 4th of July, I thought he wouldn't be so cranky. Silly, silly mommy. He is getting another on right next to the first one. He is usually a very happy, loving, content boy. However, this week has been pure hell. He won't nap, won't eat, won't play. I feel bad for him, so we got some baby Orajel. Seems to work. Poor guy. He is gnawing on everything, even tables. He's finally taking a nap.


BeckYGuRR said...

how old is your cute boy?? k..carly is almost 10months and still no teeth..i'm happy cuz i dont want the heck that comes with teething--but i'm worried too.lol! he sure is cute!!

KeLs-a-BeLs said...

Congrats on the new job Llama!! I bet you are excited. It is so fun to do something new!! I can't wait til i can go through the teething stages...haha...yeah right!!Good luck... hope all is well!!