19 July 2007

There's 2!/Don't Know Why

Yes, you read right. Chase officially has two front teeth, on the bottom. I can't believe it. At the rate that he's going, he'll have a whole grip of teeth by the time he's a year. On another note, I don't know why I torture myself. I miss being pregnant in a big way, but dumb me keeps looking at the pics of all of my preggo friends and watching stupid shows like "A Baby Story", etc. I would love to be preggo again, but I know that Ian would flip. I'm also worried how I would do with 2 in diapers. I would be outta my mind, thats for sure. Well, off to bed. I have to be at work at 530!

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KeLs-a-BeLs said...

Kels... You want another kid?? I say go for it...lol. BUT then again, that's because I want a kid. But if ya have one now..they could be close in age and become reallygood friends and hang out and always have someone there who will stuck up for them. I too have been looking at my preggo friends and think...I want to be pregnant. I can't wait!!!! well, whatever you decide...good luck!!love ya!!