11 July 2007


I started back to work on Sunday. Two words: HATE IT. They want me to cram 12 hours worth of work into 8. Plus, it's at least 100 degrees in there. I asked my supervisor how she expects me to do all that I am supposed to in the time alloted and she said "you just have to move fast" and that "it's not that hard. Don't cry about it!" Wha? Wow, very nice. The only reason that I am still there is because of the insurance. Oh and I do get a discount at Dell, and if you order something, they just deduct it from your payroll. So we are are getting a 37" LCD HDTV and for myself (drumroll please)...... A NIKON D40X! YES! That's one of the best cameras out there. You think I take good pics now? Just wait til I get my hands on this camera! I'll be able to do so much more. The camera I have now is just a point and shoot Canon Powershot A520. Only 4 mega pixels. The Nikon is a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and 10.2 mega pixels. WOOHOO! Okay enough about that.

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