13 July 2007


So I was supposed to go to a job fair for Whole Foods with Molly and Jean. But, since we only have one car right now, I decided not to go. BIG MISTAKE. They both got jobs in the Prepared Foods department. So I decided to play hooky from work and then I went to the job fair. I got a job. Cashier once again. It's what I do best. I've had 3 years of experience. Oh if you don't know, Whole Foods is an organic store. Everything is organic or natural. No uniform, so you can wear whatever you want. You can have tats (good for me!) and piercings, too! Oh yeah, $11.00 an hour! I'll be working at the new store in Chandler (Ray and the 101) so closer to home too. I am so excited, you have no idea! Oh and I get 20% off! WooHoo!! Organic baby food for Chase! Now I get to go to bed and go to my other job. The one that I hate.

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Laura Blue said...

congrats on the new job. good luck!